#BlackWomenDirectors News: Queen Sugar returns, the ladies of Luke Cage, Vashtie remixes He got game, Suicide by Sunlight trailer



Long time, no see, amirite? Between work, travel, and more work, I've let this little corner of the Internets stay dormant, so I'm going to try something a little different—creating a digest of all things #blackwomendirectors instead of trying to post daily. If you have thoughts, comments, questions or concerns, leave them below or email me! blackwomendirectors at gmail dot com.


Queen Sugar returns for a third season with a two-part opener on May 29 and 30 on OWN. Once again, it's helmed by an all-women directors roster, thanks to the efforts of Ava DuVernay. And judging by Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, DuVernay's example is encouraging other TV shows to finally diversify and expand their ranks. And speaking of Queen Sugar....

...Bay Area writer and director Nijla Mu'min will be joining the all-women directing roster of Queen Suar season 3! Mu'min recently won the Jury Award for Best Writing at SXSW for her beautiful feature film Jinn, about a teenage girl who wrestles with her identity and sexuality while her mother goes through a transformation of her own as she converts to Islam. 

Half of the directors of the second season of Luke Cage will be women. They include Neema Barnette, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Millicent Shelton, and Kasi Lemmons. With years of TV and film directing under their belts (and some of them are certified classics), I'm so excited to see what they will bring to the table!


Film still from  Suicide by Sunlight

Film still from Suicide by Sunlight

Nikyatu Jusu released a teaser for her upcoming film Suicide by Sunlight, starring Natalie Paul as a modern-day vampire and I am already in awe.

Vashtie x Bleacher Report remix He Got Game  - In a short film for Bleacher Report called She Got Game , Vashtie reimagines He Got Game  —the Spike Lee joint that turned 20 this year— with a woman lead who faces a dilemma about just how she will use basketball to make a better life for herself and her family. The film also boasts a majority-women below-the-line crew.