Yvonne Welbon

b. Chicago, IL



Sisters in Cinema (2003)

Synopsis: A documentary survey of African-American women directors of feature films. Began as Welbon’s doctoral thesis.


The Taste of Dirt (2002) 

Synopsis: In 1970, a gifted seven-year-old Black girl is transferred to the neighborhood school after her mother observes her difficulties adjusting to her previous all-white school.


Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100 (1999)

Synopsis: A documentary about activist Ruth C. Ellis (1899-2000), the oldest “out” African American lesbian known at the time of the film’s release. 


Remembering Wei-Yi Fang, Remembering Myself (1996)

Synopsis: Yvonne Welbon presents a witty and original coming-to-terms with race, culture and self. A six-year stay in Taiwan transforms her understanding of what it means to be an African American and illuminates her connection to her Honduran-born grandmother. Premiered on PBS as part of its POV programming in 1996.


Missing Relations (1994)

Synopsis: Through narrative recreations of time and place, the video explores childhood memories following the disappearance of her twin baby sisters.


Sisters in the Life: First Love (1993)

Synopsis: A thirty-something black lesbian reflects on falling for her best friend in junior high. 


The Cinematic Jazz of Julie Dash

Synopsis: An in-depth interview with filmmaker Julie Dash, whose first feature film, Daughters of the Dust, became a critical and word-of-mouth sensation when it was released in 1992.

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*Welbon is also the creator of Sisters in Cinema, a guide to African-American women feature film directors.

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