Tiona McClodden

b. 1981, Blytheville, Arkansas



KILO | Iba se 99. [I wish to communicate with you. | I acknowledge 99] (2015)

Synopsis: An experimental short film inspired by a 1942 report on the first 12 Black women workers allowed into the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 


Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic, Movement I - The Visions  (2014)

Synopsis: From McClodden’s artist statement: 

With my experimental series Be Alarmed, I’ve created a conceptual epic film, sound, and visual art work rooted in my personal familial history, my current biography, and themes that may relate to the greater African-American experience.


roots.&rigor. (2013)

Synopsis: roots.& rigor. is experimental film portrait broken into 3 chapters —FEEDING-DIGESTION-DEFECATION — and follows the artist Lorna Williams as she gathers and creates work for her 2013 solo exhibition APPOSITIONS: STILL / BIRTH / SHIT : LORNA WILLIAMS.


Bumming Cigarettes (2012)

Synopsis: Bumming Cigarettes is a short film about a brief and intimate meeting between a young Black lesbian woman who is in the process of taking an HIV test and a middle-aged Black gay HIV Positive man. 


black./womyn.:conversations with lesbians of African descent (2008)

Synopsis: This film encourages progressive dialogue about images of Black lesbians and the stereotypes resulting from their portrayal in media and society at large. 

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