Kathleen Collins

b. 1942, Jersey City, New Jersey

d. 1988, Nyack, New York



Losing Ground (1982)

Synopsis: A comedy-drama about a philosophy professor and her insensitive, philandering, and flamboyant artist husband who are having a marital crisis. When the wife goes off on an almost unbelievable journey to find “ecstasy”, her husband is forced to see her in a different light.


The Cruz Brothers and Miss Malloy (1980)

Synopsis: Kathleen Collins’s first film is an adaptation of a series of short stories by Henry H. Roth about three young Puerto Rican men whose lives are watched over by their father’s ghost. New York’s Rockland County serves as the setting for the magic that the urban-born trio encounters when they meet Miss Malloy, an elderly widow who owns a house in need of some tender loving care. Never released theatrically, airing only once on PBS, and then disappearing from view, the film has been rescued and remastered by the filmmaker’s daughter, Nina.


Danielle Scruggs